Want to Meet Real Bisexual Women Online? Follow These Four Strategies

In a world where people sometimes have to hide their sexuality for fear of criticism or condemnation, it is very difficult to tell people's sexuality. If you want to find bisexual women, you are obviously going to have a hard time. However, with the right strategies, you will find them. What follows are four such strategies

Consider Bisexual Websites
For both extroverts and introverts, these websites are the easiest way to meet bisexual singles. You no longer need to continue guessing or wondering if the lady down the street who always stares at other ladies' cleavages is a bi girl or not. A website does the trick. However, while most online dating sites make provisions for meeting people of various sexuality, you will have more luck when you stick to those ones that were built specially for bisexual singles.

There are too many of them on the web. From BiCupid to bisexual Scene to bisexual Passions; you are just a few clicks away from meeting a bi girl.

Participate in Bisexual Forums
This is common sense. It is expected that all or at least almost everyone who visits a bisexual forum is a bisexual or has bisexual interests. Therefore, feel free to start conversations on these forums and make sensible comments too. For better results, strategically quote participants whose usernames are inviting or whose comments portray their sexuality. That way, you increase your chances of finding a bisexual woman. Beyond online forums, apply these strategies on Facebook groups and pages, as well as other related social media sites.

Observe Body Language in Girl Teams or Groups
In a group or gathering of ladies, there are often participants and the reason they are gathered, and a very few observers of the participants. When in such a gathering; be it a female basketball team, music group, girls club or anything like these, keep an eye on those women that stare constantly on other women's bodies. Though this strategy is not fool proof, it is very likely that you will find one or two bisexual women in the group. If the group happens to be online, watch out for these indicators in the gestures, praise and commendation women give, as well as the kind of discussions they start or participate actively in.

Create the Right Impression
All the strategies above will help you detect bisexual tendencies in other women. But how about helping other bisexual women detect your own bisexuality? Instead of keeping an eye on female cleavage gazers, you could also do the gazing or winking or whatever it takes to create the impression that you are into bisexual women.

In online scenarios, poke your targets carefully, tag them to related posts and pictures, upload indicative pictures, and create usernames that give others a clue. Of course this should only be done if you do not care about what people would say about your sexuality, and must be done for the right targets. Either way, you need to be gentle and strategic in making your intentions known. There you have it.